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Refrigerated dairy products including milk, cheese, butter, yogurt, cream, and sour cream.

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My son-in-law had a really painful gout condition where his toes had completely curled up. Doctors couldn’t help him, but after you recommended GOUT-X Tea, his toes actually uncurled to a normal position. He was amazed and so thankful his pain was gone!

Elizabeth P

I came in today as a first-time customer and this store is really amazing – you have groceries and everything here! The staff is wonderful – very knowledgeable, very helpful, very pleasant, and I feel very comfortable being here. I’m definitely going to come back.


“Trying to conceive for years, I finally got pregnant with Nature’s Pavilion’s help. They made all the difference, and I tell everyone to come here. Their expertise in fertility issues is unmatched. Thank you, Nature’s Pavilion, for fulfilling my dreams of motherhood.”

Mary S

Doctors could not offer help for a neighbor’s arthritis pain except opioids, which come with risks. Your product recommendations provided relief and enabled her to sleep through the night for the first time in months. Thank you!

George L

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